At Kiwoko Hospital we welcome several medical volunteers each year. We are a great setting to ‘taste’ Medical Mission. The clinical input provided by volunteers keeps our overstretched medical team supported.

Working here has rather less supervision than is normal in most ‘developed world’ settings. There are several more senior UK and Ugandan doctors on the team but having the right balance of clinically stretching yourself but knowing when to seek assistance when really needed is an important skill to master. We encourage and support one another. The differences in diseases; available investigations/ treatment; relying on your personal clinical skills and having limited supervision means that adjustment is required to work in this setting. To allow for such adjustments, for those in their training years we usually advise coming for 12 months, but certainly at least 6 months as a minimum length of placement. Specialists, or those who have worked in a similar setting before, can sometimes adapt more quickly.

For more information and an application form, please contact the visitors coordinator visitors@kiwokohospital.org



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