Mission & Ministry

Mission & Ministry

At the very centre of Kiwoko Hospital, on which all other work is founded, exists and is maintained, is the practical outworking and the sharing of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is God who initiated and blessed the work there through Dr Ian Clarke and it is the same Father, God and Lord who enables, prospers and maintains the work there through His faithful people. So, in seeking to bring health and healing, Kiwoko also seeks to meet the spiritual needs of patients and to be a light to the people of Luwero and all those who pass through or are associated with Kiwoko.

Kiwoko Hospital Mission team is interdenominational; it has over 40 members who are on the staff of the hospital. Its leader is Shadrach Lukwago and his story is as follows:

Shadrach’s Story

Mission Team

This team has been in existence for 12 years. It was started by members who had a passion for the lost. The vision started with the aim of reaching out to the patients with the word of God. As this was initiated, we saw positive results. Patients were encouraged and were being encouraged to see some one praying with them beside their sick bed. As these patients were discharged they started to invite members of the mission team to their local churches. Even the local church leaders would send invitations to us. They would eagerly want to see the people who ministered to their people while in the hospital.

Village Ministry

When we started visiting village churches, we felt their need was to have us join them and evangelise their communities. We therefore started organizing missions in villages. We began to obtain people’s testimonies and at the same time communities were being changed with the gospel. Since then we have continued to reach out to different villages with the gospel. We have also worked with different denominations to plant 30 new churches.

During our time of ministry in the villages we discovered that the major need is trained church leaders. Most churches have leaders who have never had any theological training. This can lead to the village churches struggling and can also be a problem if we carry out a mission in a certain village, and many people give their lives to the Lord. We try to leave the responsibility to carry on the discipleship programs for new converts with the local churches. However this has not always been done effectively due to lack of adequately trained church leaders.

Leadership Conference

We have initiated some programs to overcome this problem. For five years now we have conducted an annual Leadership Conference. The first conference in January 2005 had 175 delegates. In January 2008 we had 600 delegates and this year we had 800 registered delegates. The teachings which we have conducted during these conferences have been like tasters. Church leaders have greatly benefited from them which is why the number has grown each year.

Christianity Explored

We have also introduced the Christianity Explored course. We translated the guide book into the local language (Luganda) and printed 2,000 copies which have been used already in different villages. Running this course has resulted in two new churches being started in villages which never had a church before.

Kampala Evangelical School of Theology

Having started these programs in our communities we have realized that most of the leaders are very hungry for training to enable them to become effective leaders in their churches. Therefore, on top of these programs we feel it is vital we start up a new program with the aim of training church leaders in ministry. To this end Kampala Evangelical School of Theology (KEST) have been approached through the office of the Academic Dean, Mr Peter Muriuki to determine if a partnership could be established that would allow KEST programmes to be run from the Kiwoko Hospital Training Centre. KEST have agreed to this link being established which will prove beneficial as we build appropriate courses for local pastors. KEST will bring experience, expertise and academic credibility to the whole process.

We are so grateful to Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church, Bangor Northern Ireland for the continued support which you have given to us and the interest you have to help and see that leaders are trained to help them become better ministers of the gospel”

Shadrach, Norah and Family.


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