Physiotherapy department

Physiotherapy department

Alison with a boy recovering from osteomyelitisThe physio department is active in all areas of the hospital’s clinical work, from treating tiny babies in the NICU, to malnourished children, those with fractures, post-operative patients, burns and tetanus survivors.  Our aim is to restore as much function as possible following an injury or sickness, and provide advice for continuing this rehabilitation once the patient goes home.  In certain cases we are working to prevent a loss of function, and will monitor and advise where necessary – we provide an exercise session for adult clients attending the weekly HIV clinic and this is important in promoting physical activity and strength in this group.  Our malnourished kids come to play each day with their mums, and this is a great way to promote normal development of physical and social skills – many of the mums don’t know how to play with their sick kids before they join the group. 

Physio teamWhile we are only a small department, we are able to work closely with medical and nursing colleagues to provide comprehensive rehabilitation to patients while they are with us.  We also include the patient’s carer in all discussions, so that they can continue the exercises both on the ward and at home. 

We are also involved in a monthly club for children with HIV, which includes time for games and physical exercise, bible stories, drama, songs, discussion and crafts.  Our colleagues in the counselling department work closely with us on this, and we meet with around 60 children each month.  They love coming and it is a joy for all the team to see them growing, having fun and learning how to interact with their friends. 


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