There are a wide variety of ways you can donate to the work of Kiwoko Hospital through Friends of Kiwoko Hospital:

Credit/Debit card donation

You can now donate a one off or regular monthly payment with your credit card, through a service provided by All transactions are secure, and they automatically claim and deposit the Gift Aid for us –– saving administration. 

We pay Justgiving £18 per month plus 5% of the sum given plus any Gift Aid. For a £10 donation = £12.50 plus Gift Aid, less 63p to Justgiving, less Card fee of around 13p = £11.74 net to FOKH. Consider using this as your first choice for donations of under £100 and for raising money by fundraising projects/sponsorship (Eg, a marathon, in lieu of wedding presents etc).’

» Click here to donate online by credit card

Postal donations and banker’s orders

If you would prefer to make a donation by cheque or to set up a banker’s order with your bank, you can find all the information you need by clicking the link below. This is ideal for one off sums of £100 or more, and for Banker’s Orders (Standing Orders) of £10 or more per month.

» Click here for information on postal donations and banker’s orders

Text giving by UK Mobile Phone

In the UK, you can donate to Kiwoko via FOKH or the SETrust Kiwoko Project by texting an amount between £1 and £10. Only people permanently registered to a UK mobile phone network can make a text donation.

» Click here to read how to do it.

Give As You Earn

With Give As You Earn – Britain’s largest payroll giving scheme,– you can donate directly from your pre–tax salary, so money that would normally go to the taxman goes to charity instead. This means that if you are a basic– rate taxpayer and pledge £10 a month, it will cost you only £7.80.

Contact your payroll manager to set up GAYE donations from your wage


Britain’s largest charities receive about 30 per cent of their donations from money left in people’s wills; charitable donations made this way are free of inheritance tax.

» Click here for more information on legacies


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