About us

About us

Friends of Kiwoko Hospital:

  • is a charity registered with HM Revenue & Customs, number 104586
  • acts as a source of information about the Hospital and provides financial (especially day to day running costs), and other assistance to the Hospital.
  • works in association with other groups who are interested in Uganda.
  • is involved with people going out to Kiwoko, giving of their time, educating and imparting their skills.

Why are we needed?

  • The very poor require help in paying for their medical care.
  • The hospital needs income support to retain good staff. 
  • Large costly items, such as vehicles, have finite lives and need replacement.
  • Friends of Kiwoko Hospital is committed to giving over £20,000 per month but more is needed.
  • Kiwoko Hospital needs your support and prayers to keep on going.


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